Food Pyramids for Runners

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Food Pyramids for Runners

What our friends think we eat, what we “should” eat, and what we actually eat. The three aren’t the same.


Food Pyramids for Runners published by Runner’s World.


Oh Yes, this Started as a Running Blog, Didn’t It?

I glanced through my January posts, the few there were, and did not see where I summed up running in 2013.   If I missed that post in my browsing, terribly sorry to subject you to the stats again.  But if not, then here we go:

2013 Running Totals (in miles)

Jan. – 59.6

Feb. – 67

March – 66.5

April – 30

May – 63.3

June – 63.6

July – 47.4

Aug. – 90.4 (Found out we were knocked up)

Sept. – 14.5 (Nerve issues surfaced)

Oct. – 68.8 (Cleared to run again)

Nov. – 55.9

Dec. – 40.85

668.6 miles ran in 2013!! 

Bugger, that’s 132.4 miles short of my goal.  Maybe 2015 will be the year of 801 miles, because it sure won’t be 2014 with Baby Girl due almost halfway through the year. 🙂  That’s A-Okay with me though!

My running total for January was 24.95 miles.  That’s close enough to 25 for me to round up.  How about you?  Weather issues have plagued us in Kentucky.  It seems like the wind chill is sub-zero, and sometimes even the temperature.  Or we’ve had snow fall that has melted into ice sheets during the day.  Roads aren’t easy to run on when they are covered in ice.  Normally, I’d strap on my Yaktrax and head out anyway, but now I’m a chicken about falling and all the damage I could do to the pregnancy so I’ve stayed inside (read: “in bed”).


I’d like to say I was getting up anyway and doing a workout DVD, but that would be a lie.  I’ve been taking advantage of being able to “sleep in” while I can.  In a few short weeks, sleeping will be a distant memory.

I’ve been running as often as possible in February, weather still being an issue from time to time.  I ran four times last week (once with a 9:35 mile pace – woot! woot!) and again today.  Though today was only a 1/2 mile of actual running.

I got out there, did my warm-up walk, and then picked up the pace.  Unfortunately, I was feeling so froggy that I made the mistake of running down a small hill.  Ugh – I knew better!  The baby-weight gets super uncomfortable with downhill running.  This morning it resulted in a side stitch that progressed into constant nerve pain down my left quad.

I ended up enjoying a limping cool-down walk because of it instead of enjoying the three mile run I had hoped for.

For those of you curious, running a continuous two miles is now considered a “long run”.  My how things have changed.  Temporarily.

While my running has drastically decreased, my friend Tammy’s has catapulted.  She’s training for the Derby full marathon on April 19th in Louisville and I’m really hoping to be there to cheer her on.  You should check out her blog at and, if you’re so inclined, donate to her fundraising efforts for the Leukemia & Lymphoma’s Society’s Team In Training. It’s truly a worthy cause (and tax deductible!).  Many thanks!!

Photo Dump

To get things rolling properly…

B thinks she sleeps curled in a perfect little ball on the corner.  That may be true sometimes, but not when he's kicked her to the side.  Not that she seems to mind.

B thinks she sleeps curled in a perfect little ball on the corner. That may be true sometimes, but not when he’s kicked her to the side. Not that she seems to mind.

And then, giving in to peer pressure… an updated belly shot!

Week 25!!! (Jan. 17) Thanks to my friend and coworker, Hollee, for taking a work break to snap this.

Week 25!!! (Jan. 17)
Thanks to my friend and coworker, Hollee, for taking a work break to snap this.

By the end of the work day my lower back muscles are just aching for a rub down.  Of course all they get is more sitting, a workout, dog walk, and chores, but one of these days I’ll get in for another prenatal massage.

Yesterday morning after I finished my run the snow started falling again.

Yesterday morning after I finished my run the snow started falling again.

I opted out of running this morning because of this…

Yep, too cold even for me.

Yep, too cold even for me.
And that’s not counting any wind chills.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

No rhyme or reason

It just occurred to me, as I was looking up a baby name my mom suggested if we should in fact have a second child and it be another little girl, that in two weeks I will know whether or not I have to stop running.

Hi, random and sudden thought process.

IF I do have placenta previa I’ll have to stop running, greatly reduce my workouts with Kyle to frustrating (for me) levels, and cut out other fun things from my life until our baby girl arrives.  Granted, It. Is. All. Worth. It.  But I’d really like to just keep truckin’ and not have placenta previa.  Time and the ultrasound will tell though.

Also, why can’t chocolate be considered a healthy breakfast option?  All I wanted this morning was a Snickers bar – nice to know some part of this little girl is taking after me – but instead I had whole wheat toast, a banana, and Greek yogurt.  Healthy?  Absolutely.  Jut sadly not the Snickers I currently want.  Odds are good Snickers will sound disgusting in about two hours so I’ll push through, chugging my water, and quietly pouting at my desk.

Yesterday bologna sounded like the best thing under the sun.  Today not so much.  I am proud to say I did not eat any bologna or hot dogs yesterday.  But since I’ve been craving a chili cheese dog since early September, I’m not certain I’ll be able to abstain much longer.  They say if you continuously crave a particular food it’s because your body needs something from it nutritionally, but try as I might I doubt my body needs nitrates, smothered in sodium sauce and resting in an empty carb canoe.  If you can rationalize the health benefits of a chili cheese dog, please share with the group.

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to any of you who have been following along over the last twelve weeks, but B and I failed at getting a belly shot this past weekend.  If any of you would like to step up to the plate and remind me on Sundays to TAKE A BELLY PICTURE, that would be lovely.

Anyone else excited about the  Sweet Tart gummy hearts Valentine’s candies?

Deep-fried Sugar and Shopping

Saturday we drove to Paris and bought some baby clothes, second-hand from one of B’s coworkers, and were introduced to Franks Donuts.  Oh. My. Word.  If you get to Paris, Georgetown, or Winchester, Kentucky do yourself a favor and grab a dozen of these tasty bites.  B and I were both polite and only ate one a piece, but we both desperately wanted to eat more.   Mmmm… deep-fried sugar and shopping while sitting down.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

When we arrived home we discovered a crib resting beside our garage.  We were supposed to pick it up from our friends, but he was out and about and decided just to drop it while running other errands.  It was a wonderful surprise to find it there.

I dropped off B to play with the crib and then hopped down to Emily’s new house to celebrate her son’s first birthday.  The party was long over and he was napping when I arrived, but still Emily and I had a good time catching up and eating ice cream cake with fruit.

B signed us up to provide lunch to his friends at physical therapy, so I spent almost all of Sunday shopping for and making Spaghetti Casserole (thanks for the recipe, Lindsy!) and Dalmation Cupcakes.  Of course I made a double batch of the casserole and we’ll be working on it this week to save me from cooking a couple dinners.  Prior proper planning, people…

I did manage to run both Saturday and Sunday morning before the artic blast hit us.  Juneau, Alaska is dealing with 36 degrees and a wind chill of 27 today… we’ve got 7 degrees, with a wind chill of -6.  Something seems amiss here.

Tomorrow – pregnancy update.

Turkey Trot Recap

Thanksgiving morning I got up way before the rooster crows and helped set up the Thoroughbred Classic 5K race at Keeneland.  It was so incredibly cold!  I had on three winter run shirts, two pairs of running pants, two pairs of socks, a jacket, two pairs of gloves, ear warmers and a toboggan.  Overall I stayed pretty warm despite the high that morning sitting somewhere around 11 degrees.  But my fingers were freezing.  Just about the time I thought I would have to take a break in my car to get the burning sensation out of them, a volunteer came around passing out hand warmers.  Bless him!

After helping with packet pickup, I joined the crowd at the start line.  I was jostled a little bit at the start and had trouble getting my watch to start timing my pace, but figured I lost just a few seconds.  I booked it through the race wanting to get home and get warm and get my grub on.  I was so determined to have a sub-28 minute race result.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, but through the race I targeted one runner, some girl in a light blue fleece, and tailed her.  I was far enough behind that she wouldn’t notice me, but close enough that at the end I could spring past her and finish first.  Towards the last 1/2 mile I probably picked up the pace a little too soon because she seemed to notice someone close on her heels, not that she turned around, but she picked up her pace to as if to say, “No way are you passing me today.”  As we approached the finish line I started to sprint and I passed her and another girl.  I also managed to leave the guy behind that had targeted me. I don’t think he thought this chubby chick could book it like I did.  Ha!

So, at 17 1/2 weeks preggers I ran a 5K race with the chip time of 28:01.  UGH!!  Two seconds!  All I needed to hit my goal was two lousy seconds!

It’s still my second best 5K time, I think, and I am proud of it, but I hate falling short of goals.

I wonder how my time would compare now in a 5K, at 22 1/2 weeks pregnant…

Ah, December 26th… The Christmas Hangover Day

December 26th always gives me a case of the Blahs.  I’m certain it doesn’t help that I usually have to work this day instead of sleep in, eat leftovers and candy from my stocking, and watch movies I’ve seen no less than three times each, but still…  Blah.

Christmas Eve I went for an early morning, snowy run and then sat by the lit (and undecorated) Christmas tree in the dark with a cup of coffee to warm me up.  It was nice to have the fire dancing and crackling on the TV too.  That is, we own a fireplace DVD, not that our TV actually caught on fire.  Later I took the dogs for a walk in the snow and G was injected with puppyhood again.  He loves the snow, hates the rain and locks it up if you try to take him out in it, but drop the temperature some and he’s all about a romp or a game snowball catch.

I bathed the dogs, visited with Moriah when she dropped off some baby gear, and made my second batch of Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls for the family breakfasts.





I poured the maple frosting over most of the rolls, but made two pans of regular vanilla cinnamon roll frosting . Turns out more people ate the vanilla frosted.

Later we had our big dinner with my family and ate way too much.  B and I both went back for seconds of ham and parmesan potatoes – mmmmmmmmmmmm…  After the evening’s festivities B and I had to get wrapping.  I had only wrapped a couple of gifts up until that point, though not for a lack of intention.  So, three hours, A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated) and the first half of The Santa Clause later, we were done and dragging ourselves to bed.

I had set the alarm for 6 a.m. in hopes of squeezing in a run before we got Christmas going, but instead I woke up at 4:50 and could not go back to sleep to save my life, so I got up and ran a bit earlier.  B and I did our small Christmas at home, went to my parents’ house to eat breakfast and open gifts with them, and then to Tracy’s house for Christmas brunch and gifts with B’s family.

By the time we got home we were both bone tired.  B was able to nap, but I couldn’t calm my restlessness so I turned on The Holiday and put away laundry.


Before we landed back at my parents’ house for leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner, B and I noticed our house was unusually warm and the smell of Bounce dryer sheets was far too strong for our liking.  I checked behind our dryer and sure enough the dryer exhaust ducting had popped off the output.  Ugh.

I pulled a slight Scarlet O’Hara and decided, “I won’t think about it today, er… well, I’ll deal with it after dinner.”

Sure enough, after we returned and did some other chores, I found myself crouching behind our dryer, screwdriver in hand, on Christmas night.  No better way to end such a magical day.

The good news is I fixed the exhaust ducting and the hot air now moves out of our house with no trouble.  I told B if this problem happens again before the end of this pregnancy then we’ll have to enlist the help of my nephew to fit in the tiny space behind the dryer.

Hope your Christmas was just as wonderful.

5K and Cake

Friday night I made a new recipe a co-worker told me about.  It was Pumpkin Turkey Chili and though I’m sure it would have been good had I followed the suggested alterations to the letter.  I didn’t have the same items listed and my batch of chili came out nearly too sweet on the front and way too spicy on the back of the bite.  I had to add cheese and crackers to my bowl to make it palatable.  Even then my nose was running from all the spicy.  B loved it though and really enjoyed spreading it over a cheese omelet I made him and topping it with salsa.  (To me that sounds nasty, but whatever floats his boat.)

We watched R.I.P.D. with Ryan Reynolds while we ate.  It’s an okay movie with some funny bits and if I catch it on t.v. sometime I’ll probably not change the channel, but I was glad we didn’t spend the money to see it at the cinema.

Saturday morning I got up and cleaned the downstairs, except for the kitchen where I left dishes piled up waiting for the dishwasher, and then Tracy and Shelby picked me up for the EKU Color of Maroon 5K.  This was a super fun color run that benefited the Special Olympics.  And bonus points, it was also Shelby’s very first 5K – she’s 6.

We ran almost the entire route, only taking four very short walk breaks, and even with Shelby taking an extra turn through the pink color section – the girl loves pink – our finish time was 34:04.  She totally rocked that race and I can’t wait to run another one with her and Tracy.

First 5K? Done!

After the race, Mom and T stopped by to discuss mulching plans.  And of course they came in and stood in my dirty kitchen.  Oh I was mortified!  But then Tammy showed up for a quick visit with a Chai Tea Latte from Panera for me.  Mmmm – good!!  I suppose that was a Thank You for letting her shop in my closet since she wouldn’t let me pay her back.  (Thanks again, Tammy!)

I met Colleen for our Salvation Army bell ringing time and we had two chatty and chilly hours together.  I’m so thankful she decided to join me for the ringing otherwise that would have been a long two hours.

We had a good many generous souls drop money in our kettle.  It was, however, an interesting sociology lesson.  On the whole, it seemed the people who appeared to have less, gave the most.  Those who looked like they had more than enough to be comfortable would not even look at us.  Complete avoidance.  Teenage boys were 100% more generous than teenage girls.  African Americans were much more generous than Caucasians and small children were much more likely to give a tiny fist full of change than a dollar.  I suspect hearing those clanking coins is more exciting to little ears.  It was an interesting lesson to be sure.

That evening, B and I headed to The Village Host in Lexington for an engagement party.  If you go there do get their clam chowder – it was very good.  I also tried their Margherita pizza and it was a huge disappointment.  My friends Colleen and Jonathan have both independently suggested the Margherita pizza at Smashing Tomato so I have got to try that one for sure.

I spent all Sunday afternoon working packet pickup for the upcoming Thoroughbred Classic 5K.   But as a treat to me on the way up, I stopped by Starbucks to try their Caramel Apple Spice cider.  Tracy had told me how it was “like apple pie in a cup” and that is exactly what it tastes like.  It is OH SO GOOD, so grab yourself a cup while you can!

While I was out B was being super helpful and surprised me by working on Mount Saint Laundry.  My word we can produce a lot of dirty clothes between us!  It was so great to come home and not have to start a load of laundry at bedtime. Which is usually how our Sunday nights go.

That evening I picked B up and we had dinner with my family.  Mom tried out a couple new recipes on us, which were both great, and sent the leftovers home with us.

I put the bag of food down on the kitchen counter and got distracted with B and the critters in the living room.  We went upstairs and only A came with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t notice that fact right away.  B heard the noise first and streaked downstairs.  By the time I was halfway down I heard him shouting at G and telling him to “STOP!!!“.  Yep, you guessed it.  G had gotten into the food bag from dinner, opted to have dessert first, and had thus eaten the top layer of the chocolate and peanut butter mousse cake.  That top half being all chocolate.  Fortunately, our cake thief is a large dog and he was unaffected by the chocolate experience.

B was super ticked since he really liked that cake.

I told him to look on the bright side, at least G enjoyed it too. 🙂

Pickles and Ice Cream

Well, the cat is out of the bag box….


B and I are officially announcing our pregnancy to the world.  Hello world!  We’re knocked up!

We are 17 1/2 weeks along and doing just fine.  What you’ve missed …

Amanda was twenty-five weeks pregnant and I was four weeks, except I didn’t know it here:

Visiting with Amanda in Missouri

Visiting with Amanda in Missouri

I found out I was pregnant the next day because I was “late” and did a pee stick test, saw the “+” sign and thought, “Oh.  Oh wow.  Huh.”  And then went out for my morning run.  It took me most of the day to get over the shock.  Due to our opposite sleep and work schedules, I told B we were pregnant as he was getting ready for bed that night.  We high-fived.  It took him a while to get over the shock too.

Morning Sickness:  Not too bad really.  I was fine early in the mornings and never had to miss a workout because of it.  About the time I got to work I would start to feel queasy (Coincidence?? Perhaps.), but as long as I ate a little something every couple hours – mostly protein like Greek yogurt or cheese – I was fine.  Most nights I had to go to bed around 9 p.m. because the queasy would get too bad to bother with.

I had food aversions to coffee, sweets, and raw vegetables.  But those are all gone now.  So far, I’ve not had any cravings outside of my usual pre-pregnancy cravings.

I didn’t have any exhaustion in the first trimester, but did have a lot of headaches.  Honestly, I’m not sure if they were all hormone related or if they were allergies and my switching to Benadryl to treat them.  (I have horrible fall allergies.)  I had one bout of a migraine aura, but thankfully no migraine pain.

For about two weeks I had crazy itchy arms and thought I just might scratch through my skin it was so bad.

Then acne reared it’s ugly head.  Enough said.

I still have my mood swings where I am quite possibly the most hateful person on the planet.  My apologies to any of you who have been or will be snapped at.

Bless B for putting up with me!  He’s been super supportive and protective.  Really words can do no justice to how wonderful and excited and real B has been these last few months.  I am thankful every day that he is my husband and my partner through life’s varying journeys.

We are craptastic at remembering to do belly shots, but here are the two taken so far…

Six Weeks!

Six Weeks!

And the belly has grown, but the hair has been shortened…

12 1/2 weeks!

12 1/2 weeks!

We still need to do the 16 week belly shot, but now we are already 17 1/2 weeks in so I guess it’ll be 18 week shots.  Assuming we take the pictures soon.  Warning: There will be a big belly difference in that one.

I don’t know if that warning is more for you readers or for me.  Ha!  Honestly, I’ve been having weight acceptance issues, but I know I am not alone.

To tell our families we were knocked up we did a photo shoot with the dogs and a tiny pair of shoes.  Here are some of the shots from that…

They can hardly contain their excitement...

They can hardly contain their excitement…

We put pieces of kibble in the shoes to get their attention

We put pieces of kibble in the shoes to get their attention

This is what we hung on our refrigerator

This is what we hung on our refrigerator

But because the little shoes are slightly cut off, we opted to give the grandparents framed copies of this shot without their grandpuppies:


It was so much fun to watch the recognition of a new baby joining our family wash over everyone’s faces.  My mom did a happy dance and B’s mom cried tears of joy. Precious excitement for sure.

B and I traveled down to see Granny in order to tell her the news.  She and my aunt were very surprised that “after all this time” we were finally going to have a baby.  I assured Granny that we didn’t want to rush into anything and eleven years of marriage seemed like a fine time to start a family.  Gran was so sweet and cheeky.  We’d all start talking about something else and then randomly she or my aunt would bring up something baby related.  Granny is super excited to be a great-grandmother again.

We were six weeks along when we had our first ultrasound and got to hear and see the heartbeat for the first time.  It was just awesome to experience and once that little bit of reality was flickering on the screen, B gave me a kiss and we high-fived again.  To celebrate we had Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and then went to our midwife appointment.  And that is the last time I will have much breakfast before my morning appointments.  Yikes – that scale was hateful!

Baby's first photo shoot.  According to the ultrasound tech and our midwife, you v=can see the side view of baby on the left side of that gray blob in the middle.  You may need to squint or relax your eyes though to see it.  Sort of like those old 3-D posters that were popular about twenty years ago.

Baby’s first photo shoot. According to the ultrasound tech and our midwife, you can see the side view of baby on the left side of that gray blob in the middle. You may need to squint or relax your eyes though to see it. Sort of like those 3-D posters that were popular about twenty years ago.

We will find out what we are having on December 20th.  YAY!!

I’m still running five days a week, though beginning to think a belly band will be beneficial soon; still working out with Kyle and my girlfriends three times a week; and recently have started back to yoga.  Fortunately for me, my yoga instructor is also pregnant so I have no trouble copying her modified prenatal moves.

It is possible my spine issues and numbness are related to the pregnancy, but there really is no way to know right now what the cause is.  Regardless of the Why? of it, I’m hopeful the problems will be resolved well before our May due date.

I am certain I am leaving stuff out so please remind me or ask me any questions in the comments section.

Whew!  I’m glad to get that out there!

Not What I Expected

A couple days ago I was out for an early morning run.  I hadn’t even gone a half mile when over my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1 soundtrack, I heard jingling.  It sounded like a chain jingling.

My paranoid mind instantly flashed to the chain that some folks wear connecting their wallets to their pants.  I pulled my arm back ready to punch the daylights out of someone and release my inner hell cat.  But when I turned around, there was nobody.

The dark street was completely empty except for the frost-covered cars.

*Jingle Jingle*

I looked around scanning harder.  At the same time I saw movement from the corner of my eye, I heard the low growl and a yellow dog appeared from behind a tree.

I shrieked like a little girl.

Once he knew I could see him, he started his barking and growling fit while wagging his tail.  I had never seen this dog before. But once I got ahold of myself and stopped screaming, I noticed he wouldn’t cross the sidewalk into the street.

Unfortunately, he was not trapped by an invisible fence because he chased/followed me through several yards, but still he never tried to come too close.  Thankfully.

Finally, I turned around and shouted at him to “Go home!”  and “STAY!!!”  We made it back to what I assumed was his yard and he did finally stay there.  I have no doubt that was totally his choice and had nothing to do with my commands.

Thankfully the rest of the run was uneventful.

I am a bit baffled though.  You always hope you’ll be able to defend yourself and not freeze up when confronted by a threat, and I’m proud that I was ready to go all Kill Bill on any person who attacked.  But considering the number of times I’ve seen stray dogs and have even been chased by them on runs, I was surprised at my screaming over this little guy.