Channeling Bruce Banner?

At work today:

I opened the refrigerator door and looked at my food space and noticed my half loaf of Brownberry Country Oatmeal bread was gone.

What?!? I didn’t eat half a loaf since lunch YESTERDAY. It was just here on top of my ham!  Between the pears and the wall! Did someone move it?? (scanned kitchen counters and refrigerator drawers)  Eat it?? I’ll check the trash and see if the bag is there. Ick.

I could feel my heart rate increasing. Upon moving some K-cups and paper towels I noticed that sure enough the bag for my bread was in the trash. And twist-tied within was my half loaf.

What?!?!?!  Why in the world would someone throw away someone else’s bread?? What kind of colossal jerk face would do that?!?!

I pulled out the bread and rinsed off the outside bag. Heart pounding in my ears, OCD flipping out that MY FOOD WAS IN THE TRASH, it’s a good thing I can’t turn into the Incredible Hulk or I would have been standing in tattered slacks and heels in the office kitchen. Nearly in angry tears I took a breath and dried the bag off.  Then I couldn’t handle it anymore and pulled out the inner bag – thank you Brownberry for wrapping your bread in two bags, my OCD was soothed a bit.

I walked into the nearest attorney’s office, “Knock, knock. I don’t know why you might have, but did you by chance throw away the bread from the first shelf in the refrigerator?” I said sweetly, well as sweetly as a person can when all you want to do is start screaming down the hall about misogynistic jerks and disrespect of other people’s property.

He looked at me baffled, “No. Why would that happen? Has it gone bad?”

“No, it’s not blue, green or even stale. I was just checking. Thanks.” I moved on to the next attorney’s office and repeated my question.

“OH! I’m sorry, I thought that was mine.  I brought a loaf like that a few weeks ago and I thought it was that one and threw it out.” Staring at the half loaf under my arm and the still damp, empty bread bag and twist tie in my other hand. “I’ll buy you a new loaf. I’m sorry.”

“Nope, you threw your bread away with the ends still in it a week or so ago. Don’t worry about buying me more, it comes in two bags so it’s okay. Thanks.”  Then I walked back into the first guy’s office and filled him in on the situation, not that he was nearly incensed as I was, but he was curious as to why someone would throw away someone else’s bread.

In hindsight, I had to chuckle at my anger over a bread issue. Perhaps my hormones are a little out of whack.


The Nestor

IMAG0800 Yep, that guy.

He is the one doing about 93% of the nesting in our home.  That’s a fact, it is most definitely Not A Complaint.

Incidentally, he’s also the one with the weird cravings… mustard on peanut butter and crackers anyone?  How about peanut butter on bacon?  Blah!

You’ll notice lots of blue painter’s tape in the background above.  That was my doing actually to help keep arrant paint messes at bay and to mark what needed patching before painting ever began.

We gave away our couch and loveseat because, according to B, “We have to have a new couch NOW.”  And so we bought a new couch that lived in our garage for over a week while we worked out paint colors and got things done in the living room.

After all the taping was done, Mom and I made a trip to Arkansas for Granny’s 89th birthday.  While we were gone The Nestor recruited some friends and they got busy painting our downstairs.  I wish they’d taken some “during” photos, but I forgot to ask for those so we’ll skip right to the accent wall that is behind our couch.


Please excuse the sheet and towel coverings – the dogs needed baths and we didn’t want them getting on the new couch being so dirty.

Your eye may have been drawn more to the hat on B’s head.  That was one of our baby shower gifts from Jenny and her daughter.  B was thrilled about someone buying an item that he picked out and scanned all by himself. He loves that hat and if they came in his size, I would buy him one to match his girl this winter.

The rest of the living room, the dining room, and the downstairs bathroom are the beige color you see in these photos:


Our new couch, complete with tag attached, and the painter’s tape still on the ceiling.


IMAG0819In the next week or so the kitchen will be that color too with a blue accent wall.  Currently, it is the gold color from the first picture. And then we’ll move on to the stairwell, hallway and hall bathroom. Once all those surfaces are freshened up and the trim is painted – we are done with the brushes and rollers for a while.

Meanwhile we’re also searching for a new rug for the living room, cleaning out the garage, trying to get ready for a yard sale, battling weeds, and trying to keep up with the everyday housework and life commitments.

Who knew nesting was a full-time job?


The nursery was the first room we painted.  B, T, and I were all involved and we were able to get it done over a long weekend.  The weather was so bad then that even I got a snow day – a rarity to be sure.

Here’s the before paint color…IMAG0749 with a green drop cloth in the frame. Lovely.

And now, here’s the after:

IMAG0755Complete with dogs, a vacuum, and the blue painter’s tape on the carpet.  Yes, I tape the carpet to prevent painting it white when I’m doing the trim work.  I’m a bit messy when I paint.

Here’s another shot without all that mess.


33 1/2 weeks along for those interested

We do realize we are having a girl and we still chose blue walls for her nursery.  We also chose pale pink curtains, but it appears they are a little short:

IMAG0810I’ve ordered new ones and plan to return these once I know the others will work.  It was that or sew a strip of fabric on the bottom as an accent piece (thanks for the idea, Dana!) because rehanging the curtain rod with all the wall patching and paint touch-up work necessary just seemed like too much for my soul.



A Photo Dump of Sorts

The same night B and I had our chili cheese dogs, B took the pups to the vet.  A needed her annual check-up and vaccinations.  G was being seen for a nail trim and what could have possibly been hip issues.  A couple of times we noticed that when he stood by the bed and then jumped up, he would whine once he landed.  If he was jumping from a run or walk then he was fine.  I was hopeful that it was just a wonky and uncomfortable toenail.  He’s a nail chewer, by the way.  But according to the vet that evening, G has the beginnings of a torn ligament in one of his rear knees.  The surgery the vet described that would eventually be needed sounds absolutely horrific. Big dogs don’t do well with it, especially ones that can’t be crated (he freaks out) that are old.  So we needed to keep him from jumping up and down on the bed.  The couch is low enough, or he’s tall enough, that he can just step onto it.  And we need to stop taking him hiking with us.  He can still go for walks and play with A, but overall we need to keep his paws firmly on the ground with no more leaping.

When we arrived home with our pups and dinner, we Googled “pet stairs” and called a couple PetsMart stores to see if they had stairs in stock sturdy enough to hold our 100 pound baby, but no luck.

B ended up lifting G up and down off the bed that night.  The next evening after work, B and a friend got together and built these:


The best darn puppy stairs ever.  Sturdy enough to hold a 200 pound man.  We had to put a towel between the back of the stairs and the bed, but otherwise they are absolutely perfect.  G responds very well to positive reinforcement and after training with a scoop of kibble and lots of praise, he’s using his stairs about 90% of the time.  He’s less likely to use them to get down, but we take what we can get and guide him when we can.

We also started him on Polychews for Older Dogs, as recommended by a vet friend of mine.  A gets them too.  You’d think we were hanging a pound of bacon slathered in peanut butter over their heads when it’s treat time.  We’re thankful they enjoy their “treats” so well.

Moving on…

One Saturday morning when the temperature was crazy cold with a wind chill of insane, I did my prenatal workout DVDs.  I followed these with a cup of Mocha Mint coffee and a green smoothie.  It was a good start to my day indoors!


I highly recommend the Erin O’Brien Fitness Fix workout.  She’s fairly pleasant and you do get a sweat on.  The prenatal yoga DVD I picked up at the library, and promptly took back after doing it once.  That lady’s voice WAS annoying.  I much prefer my Crunch Gym prenatal yoga DVD that B gave me for Christmas.  (He also gave me the Erin O’Brien DVD which comes with a postnatal workout too.)


S doing her yoga with me…

After all that exercise a girl needs her sweet tooth satisfied, yes?  Well, look no further than OREOS!


These ended up being my breakfast one Saturday morning.  By accident actually.  I had gone running, stopped by the store on my way home to grab groceries, saw these and couldn’t resist trying the Marshmallow Crispy flavor.  If you’ve not tried them yet – go grab a bag, or three!  The are delicious!!  I only allowed myself to try one flavor and my friend Janine confirmed I made the right choice not picking the Cookie Dough Oreos.

I got home and put away the groceries.  As the coffee was brewing I was trying to decide between oatmeal and eggs, and then before I knew it I was scarfing down Oreos and texting a couple of my sugar-loving friends. I ended up eating six for breakfast and a yogurt.  I’m not proud, people.  Just keeping it real.

But really, go try the Marshmallow Crispy Oreos. They are worth it!

Photo Dump

To get things rolling properly…

B thinks she sleeps curled in a perfect little ball on the corner.  That may be true sometimes, but not when he's kicked her to the side.  Not that she seems to mind.

B thinks she sleeps curled in a perfect little ball on the corner. That may be true sometimes, but not when he’s kicked her to the side. Not that she seems to mind.

And then, giving in to peer pressure… an updated belly shot!

Week 25!!! (Jan. 17) Thanks to my friend and coworker, Hollee, for taking a work break to snap this.

Week 25!!! (Jan. 17)
Thanks to my friend and coworker, Hollee, for taking a work break to snap this.

By the end of the work day my lower back muscles are just aching for a rub down.  Of course all they get is more sitting, a workout, dog walk, and chores, but one of these days I’ll get in for another prenatal massage.

Yesterday morning after I finished my run the snow started falling again.

Yesterday morning after I finished my run the snow started falling again.

I opted out of running this morning because of this…

Yep, too cold even for me.

Yep, too cold even for me.
And that’s not counting any wind chills.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

No rhyme or reason

It just occurred to me, as I was looking up a baby name my mom suggested if we should in fact have a second child and it be another little girl, that in two weeks I will know whether or not I have to stop running.

Hi, random and sudden thought process.

IF I do have placenta previa I’ll have to stop running, greatly reduce my workouts with Kyle to frustrating (for me) levels, and cut out other fun things from my life until our baby girl arrives.  Granted, It. Is. All. Worth. It.  But I’d really like to just keep truckin’ and not have placenta previa.  Time and the ultrasound will tell though.

Also, why can’t chocolate be considered a healthy breakfast option?  All I wanted this morning was a Snickers bar – nice to know some part of this little girl is taking after me – but instead I had whole wheat toast, a banana, and Greek yogurt.  Healthy?  Absolutely.  Jut sadly not the Snickers I currently want.  Odds are good Snickers will sound disgusting in about two hours so I’ll push through, chugging my water, and quietly pouting at my desk.

Yesterday bologna sounded like the best thing under the sun.  Today not so much.  I am proud to say I did not eat any bologna or hot dogs yesterday.  But since I’ve been craving a chili cheese dog since early September, I’m not certain I’ll be able to abstain much longer.  They say if you continuously crave a particular food it’s because your body needs something from it nutritionally, but try as I might I doubt my body needs nitrates, smothered in sodium sauce and resting in an empty carb canoe.  If you can rationalize the health benefits of a chili cheese dog, please share with the group.

I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to any of you who have been following along over the last twelve weeks, but B and I failed at getting a belly shot this past weekend.  If any of you would like to step up to the plate and remind me on Sundays to TAKE A BELLY PICTURE, that would be lovely.

Anyone else excited about the  Sweet Tart gummy hearts Valentine’s candies?

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve whether you rang it in sound asleep in your bed (like me) or out partying like a bunch of sloppy rock stars.  Hopefully we all have a good year in 2014 and can give thanks for our blessings and our trials.

Now, on to the fluff…

After I got home from the Thanksgiving 5K and peeled myself out of a gazillion layers, I had B take our 18 week belly shot.  He’s such a trooper!  I had him taking shots all over the downstairs trying to find a decent background and trying to keep the dogs either in the frame nicely or out of it completely.


Yep, carrying that bun rather high.

Fast-forward through a few weeks of December which included a trip to Kittanning, Pennsylvania for a dear friend’s wedding; “Cookie Day” with Tammy that only included making three dozen sugar cookies (mostly so we could have warm ones to eat while watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone), pedicures, massages, and Italian food for dinner; and that brings us to December 20th.

The day B and I found out what we are having.

It was our second ultrasound for the baby and it confirmed that B, Tracy, their mom, Tammy, several of my coworkers and a few others who shared their guess as to what baby actually was, were right.  It’s a girl!!!

I think I was the only person who vocalized my thoughts of it being a boy.  Mama’s instincts aren’t always right apparently.

Thankfully this ended our battle for a boy’s name B and I had been waging for the past 19-ish weeks.  Whew!

It was so cool to watch our little girl sleeping on her tummy at the start.  Then she got annoyed with all the wand poking and started sticking out her tongue.  Finally, she was getting flat out mad about it and started rabbit kicking in there.

Mom asked me if I thought this was an early temper-tantrum and yes, I do believe it was.  Heaven help us when she’s arrived and throwing a fit.

Our girl looks to be perfectly healthy and weighed in two ounces bigger than the books said she should. B was oh so proud of this fact, but I just cringed thinking of what’s to come this spring if she keeps on this outstanding growing rate.  Ouch!

The midwife did tell us that we are currently in the early stages of placenta previa, but that hopefully the placenta will move up the uterine wall as time progresses.  If it doesn’t move on up to be at least a centimeter from the cervix then I’ll have to have a C-section when it is time to deliver our sweet girl.  We’ll find out more on January 31 when we go for our follow-up ultrasound.

C-sections aren’t something I envisioned in my “ideal” birth plan, but I know that healthy delivery of the baby and me is most important.  If we find that the placenta is stubborn and stays low I will start looking into alternative methods of numbing processes.  I have a weird personal dislike of anything poking, prodding or generally touching my spine and the mere thought of an epidural gives me the willies and makes me want to spew chunks.

So, if you have a moment to send positive thoughts and prayers out there to move that placenta up – that would be lovely and we would most definitely appreciate your time.

Again, hope you all had a wonderful New Year and are recovering properly on your couches with pizza and comfy clothes.

Ah, December 26th… The Christmas Hangover Day

December 26th always gives me a case of the Blahs.  I’m certain it doesn’t help that I usually have to work this day instead of sleep in, eat leftovers and candy from my stocking, and watch movies I’ve seen no less than three times each, but still…  Blah.

Christmas Eve I went for an early morning, snowy run and then sat by the lit (and undecorated) Christmas tree in the dark with a cup of coffee to warm me up.  It was nice to have the fire dancing and crackling on the TV too.  That is, we own a fireplace DVD, not that our TV actually caught on fire.  Later I took the dogs for a walk in the snow and G was injected with puppyhood again.  He loves the snow, hates the rain and locks it up if you try to take him out in it, but drop the temperature some and he’s all about a romp or a game snowball catch.

I bathed the dogs, visited with Moriah when she dropped off some baby gear, and made my second batch of Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls for the family breakfasts.





I poured the maple frosting over most of the rolls, but made two pans of regular vanilla cinnamon roll frosting . Turns out more people ate the vanilla frosted.

Later we had our big dinner with my family and ate way too much.  B and I both went back for seconds of ham and parmesan potatoes – mmmmmmmmmmmm…  After the evening’s festivities B and I had to get wrapping.  I had only wrapped a couple of gifts up until that point, though not for a lack of intention.  So, three hours, A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated) and the first half of The Santa Clause later, we were done and dragging ourselves to bed.

I had set the alarm for 6 a.m. in hopes of squeezing in a run before we got Christmas going, but instead I woke up at 4:50 and could not go back to sleep to save my life, so I got up and ran a bit earlier.  B and I did our small Christmas at home, went to my parents’ house to eat breakfast and open gifts with them, and then to Tracy’s house for Christmas brunch and gifts with B’s family.

By the time we got home we were both bone tired.  B was able to nap, but I couldn’t calm my restlessness so I turned on The Holiday and put away laundry.


Before we landed back at my parents’ house for leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner, B and I noticed our house was unusually warm and the smell of Bounce dryer sheets was far too strong for our liking.  I checked behind our dryer and sure enough the dryer exhaust ducting had popped off the output.  Ugh.

I pulled a slight Scarlet O’Hara and decided, “I won’t think about it today, er… well, I’ll deal with it after dinner.”

Sure enough, after we returned and did some other chores, I found myself crouching behind our dryer, screwdriver in hand, on Christmas night.  No better way to end such a magical day.

The good news is I fixed the exhaust ducting and the hot air now moves out of our house with no trouble.  I told B if this problem happens again before the end of this pregnancy then we’ll have to enlist the help of my nephew to fit in the tiny space behind the dryer.

Hope your Christmas was just as wonderful.

Good Deeds

Tis the season of giving.  But really shouldn’t that be all year long?

Anyway, having little funds to donate makes me give my time to differ causes.  And this Saturday afternoon, while B is home cleaning his guns and knives (and hopefully bathrooms), I’ll be doing this…

Though perhaps with a little less cussing and a little more cheer.

Remember, no matter how tough things are for you right now, there is always someone suffering more so get out there and help some less fortunate people.