Friday Funny (it’s back!)

I’m no longer numbering these things, since I took nearly three months off of blogging. I hope to return to regular bloggy life in the coming days, or maybe weeks. Despite the status of “real” posts, I will try to post the Friday Funny each week.

Today’s chuckle is from Like the Vodka blog written by Stephanie Smirnov.  Her blog includes stories from life with her husband, The Russian.  I hope you like it…

Happy Friday!


The Nestor

IMAG0800 Yep, that guy.

He is the one doing about 93% of the nesting in our home.  That’s a fact, it is most definitely Not A Complaint.

Incidentally, he’s also the one with the weird cravings… mustard on peanut butter and crackers anyone?  How about peanut butter on bacon?  Blah!

You’ll notice lots of blue painter’s tape in the background above.  That was my doing actually to help keep arrant paint messes at bay and to mark what needed patching before painting ever began.

We gave away our couch and loveseat because, according to B, “We have to have a new couch NOW.”  And so we bought a new couch that lived in our garage for over a week while we worked out paint colors and got things done in the living room.

After all the taping was done, Mom and I made a trip to Arkansas for Granny’s 89th birthday.  While we were gone The Nestor recruited some friends and they got busy painting our downstairs.  I wish they’d taken some “during” photos, but I forgot to ask for those so we’ll skip right to the accent wall that is behind our couch.


Please excuse the sheet and towel coverings – the dogs needed baths and we didn’t want them getting on the new couch being so dirty.

Your eye may have been drawn more to the hat on B’s head.  That was one of our baby shower gifts from Jenny and her daughter.  B was thrilled about someone buying an item that he picked out and scanned all by himself. He loves that hat and if they came in his size, I would buy him one to match his girl this winter.

The rest of the living room, the dining room, and the downstairs bathroom are the beige color you see in these photos:


Our new couch, complete with tag attached, and the painter’s tape still on the ceiling.


IMAG0819In the next week or so the kitchen will be that color too with a blue accent wall.  Currently, it is the gold color from the first picture. And then we’ll move on to the stairwell, hallway and hall bathroom. Once all those surfaces are freshened up and the trim is painted – we are done with the brushes and rollers for a while.

Meanwhile we’re also searching for a new rug for the living room, cleaning out the garage, trying to get ready for a yard sale, battling weeds, and trying to keep up with the everyday housework and life commitments.

Who knew nesting was a full-time job?

Friday Funny #64: This is why I must keep the Otterbox

Two Saturdays ago I was up and out of bed super early in preparation for our first baby shower.  The shower was held at The Glitz restaurant at Irish Acres Antiques – a lovely little place with delicious food.  Since the location was an hour away from our home base, I volunteered to drive my mom, B’s mom, and Tracy.  Being that I seldom have more than one person in the car with me and most often my only passengers are of the canine persuasion, I had some serious car cleaning to do.  Like most things, this task took much longer than anticipated.

I was outside cleaning the car before the sun came up.  B called to say he was at work and I placed my phone on top of the car for safe keeping.  I took a break for breakfast and went back out to work.  That little car was practically sparkling on the inside, but the outside was still covered in salt solution from all our winter weather road treatments.  Clearly this would need attention.

I went back inside for some water and to grab my purse and keys.  On my way out, I nearly brought the dogs with me – DUH I had just vacuumed a dog-worth of fur out of the backseat and off the ceiling.  I hopped in and pulled out driving to our nearest, if not our best, car wash.

Did I mention that I needed to leave my house by 9:10 to pick up my mom and at this time it was 8:30 and I had not showered?  Yeah, time management is not my strong suit these days.  I zipped to the car wash, selected my option, fed my money, and slowly pulled in for the undercarriage cleaning.  Get that salt and mud off!

And then, like a lightening bolt it hit me.  My Phone.  MY PHONE!!!  Literally, I smacked both hands to my head.  Gah – it must be in the street outside my house.  CRAP IT’S BEEN RUN OVER!!!  Well, maybe it’s still on top of the car?  What are the odds of that though, after driving more than three miles with several turns? 

But throwing caution to the wind and acknowledging that the car wash sprayers had finished their pre-soak and were just about to start the power washing, I rolled down my window and peered on top of the car.  There the phone was, sitting just where I left it.  I whipped my arm out and grabbed that sucker, quickly getting back inside and rolling up the window.  I still needed to get a shower, but not from the power washers.

My phone was completely fine.  A little damp, but all I had to do was pull off the rubber cover and wipe it dry. Thank goodness for the grippy Otterbox.

Then it was off to the gas station – because Heaven forbid I do any proper planning and have enough gas in the tank to drive us all up and back.

By the time I got home, got the dogs out for their last potty break and got myself out of the shower, I had 17 minutes to get dressed, my makeup on, my hair fixed, and out the door.  And that is what I did.  Well, my hair was sort of dry and I had a ponytail holder handy, but otherwise I was ready for my very first baby shower and running right on time.  Whew.